Brilliant BEER

Good people,
great music,
brilliant beer

Good people,
great music,
brilliant beer

Our Story

The beginning
The Beer Boutique was born out of love. When we first opened, there weren’t any specialist beer shops. It was almost impossible to get a Belgian beer in London. But boy, did we want one. So we opened our own shop in Putney and filled it with the beer that we wanted to drink.
Our home from home
There weren’t many customers in the early days. And not much beer either. Beavertown hadn’t started yet. The Kernel was just homebrewing. But we didn’t care. It was our haven from the world. Our place. Our home.
Beer geek normality
The UK beer scene has exploded since those early days. We have so many great breweries to choose from and so many new ones to discover. But our stores are still a place to enjoy beer. To love it. Or to learn to love it.
Exploration is the fun bit
We spend our days helping people to explore the endless world of beer. To find that perfect beer. And we still fill our shops with beer that we want to drink.
Chat, chill, drink
Come and visit us, have a chat, listen to some great music and try some beer. You can drink any of our beers in any of our stores. With a friend. With a group of friends. Or just with our staff. Many of our customers are now good friends.
Your home
Your offline social network. Your haven. Your home.


We love talking about beer. And writing about beer. Our team are incredibly knowledgeable but love to keep learning. We'll try and pass on what we know here.

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