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Written by Jon Kaye - May 30, 2018



As our crowdfunding campaign ramps up, we thought it would be good to hear from our store staff, to hear about what’s exciting them most both within TBB and the wider beer world, starting with our Tunbridge Wells store manager John.

When did you join TBB?

December 2016 when we opened TBB Tunbridge Wells. I saw the shop opening being publicised in our local paper so sent Jon (the owner) an email listing 10 reasons why he should make me store manager and voila.

What is your earliest memory of drinking craft beer?

My mates and I started to become aware of craft beer in around 2009 whilst working in London and it was around this time we discovered The Cask in Pimlico, as it was the most convenient place for us to meet for a drink from our various offices. I’d never really been to a pub that had a beer menu and fridges stocked with exotic beers before and it totally opened our eyes to the world of craft beer.

What do you like about working in the beer industry?

Beer is so intrinsic to people having a good time that generally, most people you come into contact with are enjoying themselves. It’s a great industry to be in for that reason alone. That and the fact that “drinking” is technically “working”.

What are you most excited about with the crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding will give us the opportunity to open more stores which in turn gives us more opportunities with events and working with breweries¬†from both home and abroad. Ultimately I’m in this industry because I love beer, so crowdfunding means we’ll be able to drink more fantastic beer and share said beers and meet lots more great people.

Favourite Beer?

Damn. Really? I can’t commit to any one specific beer so I’m going with style. Imperial Stout. All.Day.Long.

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