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Ales are beers made with a different strain of yeast to lagers. In fact, in contrast to lagers, these beers are often defined by the flavours and aromas created by the yeast strain used. They are fermented at a warmer temperature than lagers, which allows the creation of chemical compounds called esters, giving these beers a fruity quality. Historically hops were used as a preservative in ales but more recently they’ve been used to provide the predominant aroma and flavour in ales.

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It is almost impossible to characterize Belgian beers. Brewers in Belgium are considered artists and feel no need to stick to traditional styles. There is therefore a huge variety of styles, strengths, colours and brewing methods. One thing that does unite them is the yeast. Belgian beers generally (but not universally) have a distinctly fruity and spicy aroma. In terms of specific styles, there is a Pale Ale (e.g. Brugze Zot), a Strong Golden Ale (e.g. Delirium Tremens), a Strong Dark Ale (e.g. De Dolle Oerbier). And then there are the Trappist Ales, a group of beers that must be brewed by monks at a monastery. As a group, these tend to be very high quality beers and have been brewed for hundreds of year. They can be similar to a Pale Ale, but most of them fall into one of the following categories: Dubbel, Tripel or Quadrupel. A Dubbel is a dry, sweet, dark beer, a Tripel is a pale beer, like a cloudy lager but with a higher alcohol content of 8-10% ABV and a Quadrupel has alchohol content of 9-14% ABV and is a deep amber colour.

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