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Ales are beers made with a different strain of yeast to lagers. In fact, in contrast to lagers, these beers are often defined by the flavours and aromas created by the yeast strain used. They are fermented at a warmer temperature than lagers, which allows the creation of chemical compounds called esters, giving these beers a fruity quality. Historically hops were used as a preservative in ales but more recently they’ve been used to provide the predominant aroma and flavour in ales.

Brilliant Beer


IPA stands for India Pale Ale and are bolder versions of pale ales. More bitterness, more alcohol and a more vibrant hop aroma. This is the most popular beer style of the moment and there are lots of varieties. You can now get a Session IPA (which has IPA characteristics but at lower alcohol than an IPA) or a Double IPA (or DIPA) which has even more alcohol (approaching 9% or more!). There are also Rye IPA, Red IPA, Black IPA and many more.

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