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Ales are beers made with a different strain of yeast to lagers. In fact, in contrast to lagers, these beers are often defined by the flavours and aromas created by the yeast strain used. They are fermented at a warmer temperature than lagers, which allows the creation of chemical compounds called esters, giving these beers a fruity quality. Historically hops were used as a preservative in ales but more recently they’ve been used to provide the predominant aroma and flavour in ales.

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Pales ales are not particularly pale. They are gold to copper coloured but the name dates back to the 1600s when most beers were dark. These beers are designed as session beers, being full of flavour but easy drinking. In England, a pale ale is what used to be called ‘Bitter’ and used to be 3.0% to 5.5% ABV, low carbonation, full of malt with a touch of English hops. This style has evolved due to the influence of brewers from America. Most of what is called Pale Ale in our stores is now American style Pale Ale which is a similar colour but a bit stronger c.5.0% ABV with a more intense flavour than English Pale Ales and a heady aroma of citrus, resin or tropical fruit.

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