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Written by Jon Kaye - June 19, 2016

Ever since I saw Tasha – the events manager for Weird Beard Brewery – post her books and beers experience at Caps ‘n’ Taps I have been thinking about what I drink whilst I read.

There is a reason we drink beer at BBQs and sporting events – yes to get drunk – but it is so much more than that because beer is an experience, it brings with it memories, moods, and emotions. Like great wines (and beers) have their perfect food match to excite the senses so does beer with experiences. And what is more experiential than getting sucked into the world of a great book. Like a session pale compliments the good vibes of a BBQ so can a salty sour match the mind games of Murakami.

Here is my list of some of my favorite books and the beers I would choose to drink with them.

Don’t knock it till you try it. If anything whilst writing this I learned a lot about myself. I like feeling classy and being exceptionally sad. . .

Of course in books are just not your thing no worries, because TBB will begin a series of film nights with some of our favorite breweries. Keep checking back for dates, and more information.


*Disclaimer: I love massive books


Wind Up Bird Chronicle, Murakami —– Brooklyn Brewery  Sorachi Ace


“Two of my favorite things. Everything and nothing happens at the same time. Also both Japanese or at least Japanese in origin.”



The Beautiful and The Damned, Fitzgerald —– Mikkeller Kolsvart

“You spent a little more money than usual and feel a little like a classy s.o.b while drinking it. It’s easy but slightly dark. Nobody is happy and eventually your drink ends so it’s all quite depressing in the end.”


    +      +    

Anna Karenina, Tolstoy —– Boon kriek and Tempest Old Parochial

“You start off with some frills and fluff that makes you feel all romantic and blush. Then you realize it is better to be in a constant state of rich and decadent drunkenness interchanging between sloth and loving tenderness”



Atonement, McEwan —– Wild Beer Sleeping Lemons

“Summer is “personified” with some serious sipping”



My life in France, Child —– Chimay Triple (white) . . . close enough to France

“Energetic and light. It also makes you hungry!”




The Autobiography of Malcolm X —–Schneider Weise Hopfenweise

“It’s big, bold, and takes a while to finish with no apologies”




Cyrano de Bergerac, Rostand —– If I could, Trappist Westfleteren

“In an honest attempt to be as eloquent and cool as he is. Forget Queen Bey I’m on team Cyrano”


    +   ???

Othello, Shakespeare —– ???

“I almost feel like with any Shakespeare you should have a wonderful English Ale or even a Christmas beer. But I just can’t choose….”




Infinite Jest, Foster Wallace —– Weird Beard Out of Office

“Really really really really good but hard to explain and the caffeine helps”




The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Hamid —– Hitachino Saison du Japon

“This books climate makes you hot and thirsty. Puts you in a ponderous mood, which compliments the light sophistication that is Saison du Japon. “



Mumin, Janson —– Mikkeller Spontan Lingon

“childhood, of course”



I am currently very involved in War and Peace but mostly likely each part will need a different beer. This one will take some finishing and much more thought.


Peace and yeast,


Cecilia TBB

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