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Written by Jon Kaye - August 26, 2016


Our Wandsworth Town location has recently been asked to help host and gather interest for a new bottle sharing group starting up right here in SouthWest London. 

The concept is quite simple, and if you love trying new, old, unusual, normal, and wonderful beer from all over this group is for you. 


So how does it work? 

1. Members of the group choose a time and location to meet up. Groups can be anywhere from three people to large gatherings.

2. Each Member brings a couple bottles of a certain beer (basically enough to share). The beer can really be anything and most often is themed. aka hoppy beer night,  strongest beer you can find etc. etc. etc. You are also of course never limited to bringing just one beer.

3. For the love of great beer you then share your bottles and take turns trying each others beer. Once the beer runs out no worries (if your at The Beer Boutique) you can keep drinking.

Also no worries if you didn’t have time to find a beer, we have you covered – we are a bottle shop after all – just pick one up off of our shelves before you begin. (this is greatly encouraged).

4. You can meet as little or as often as you choose. The only rule is you must share and be willing to be a little adventurous.

If this sounds right up you alley please send us your email address and we will connect you to the new bottle sharing group.


send emails to

or tweet us at @TBBwandsworth


We look forward to supplying your meetings . . . and perhaps sneaking in a few tastes, after all you never know when we’ll crack one open for you too.

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