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Tunbridge Wells Beer Weekend – The Ultimate Beer Taster Quiz:
The Beer Boutique, 40 Mount Pleasant, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Sunday September 16th / 16:00

Do you know your Citras from your Mosaics? Are you well acquainted with the smooth mouthfeel of oats in the grist? Basically, do you have delicate tastebuds of steel? Are you the Ultimate Beer Taster?

To cap off Tunbridge Wells Beer Weekend, we’re putting on a friendly competition to find the most astute beer taster in town. Here’s how it works:

Over the course of the afternoon, you’ll be presented with 6 unknown beers. You’ll guess the style, abv and ingredients (including hops, yeast, adjuncts and so on) as well as bonus points if you get the brewery and/or name of the beer. There’ll also be a joker bottle cap that you can use to get 5 minutes to browse our selection to see if you can spot the beer.

Winner will take home a rare beer from our top shelves!
Are you the Ultimate Beer Taster? Prove it!

£14 GBP
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