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Written by Jon Kaye - July 16, 2016

Constantly under the belief that beer will go with anything I have another match for you to consider: Beer and Film. Why not enhance your experience of a film with a beer? Sure, drinking games with movies can be fun but let’s not forget the a film was made to be viewed, enjoyed, critiqued, and discussed so lets let loose our inhibitions and let beer do some talking.

A list of some wonderful beery movies.



The Birdcage, Mike Nichols – St. Bernadus ABT 12 

I am extremely picky with comedies but somehow The Birdcage always makes the top of my list (both versions). Hilarious, ahead of its time, and insanely quotable. ABT 12 often called “happy beer” by Aflie will guide your journey into deep belly laughter and leave you confident enough to show off your “Guatemalan heat.”



The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Julian Schnabel – Brugse Zot

Close enough to France. This movie is not be experienced – we get enough of that already – lets enjoy a countryside brew to match the scenery while watching (because drinking this beer makes me feel pretentious – not because of the label, simply the taste) a man we hate go through an arduous journey to become a more decent human being. The beer will be beautiful like the film but keep you grounded with its spicy flavor.



      +        +     

Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo – Beavertown Bloody El and the Bloody Notorious with Boneyard

We start huge and in your face but still very enjoyable, suddenly shit gets real. The in your face has exponentially grown but for some reason it is just still so unbelievably enjoyable. But you don’t really ever understand how it ends.

Fun fact: the first full length Anime shown in western theaters (the reason America is obsessed with Anime/Manga) All cell animation too.



Mad Max, Frank Miller – Sam Smith’s Taddy Porter

Stop. I know you probably hated it. I was not expecting to like it either. But, this movie is awe-some. The effects, the music, the everything is a package deal. It doesn’t care about expectations because it is simply trying to create it’s own world. Sam smiths Taddy Porter is trying to do the same thing. Stop worrying about the label, and the history. Just enjoy a great product. Plus it looks like oil so that is . . . connections. They’re both great.



There will be Blood, Paul Thomas Anderson  – Anchor Porter

And, more oil . . . ok so we need to go back here and I am feeling the Anchor porter. West Coast American, bold, and thick with an alcohol percentage that will leave you confused and maybe a little angry. But watch your bottle because, I drink your Anchor Porter.



Rushmore, Wes Anderson – Boundary Push and Pull

Another comedy that always reaches my list. Quick edits, dry humor, and Bill Murray this favorite film receives one of my new favorite beers. Boundary Push and Pull, which is an Irish coconut and raspberry beer. Flavors that develop and change like your questionable devotion to Bill Murray. Sic Transit Gloria – not with this beer.


… and Darjeeling Limited – Captain Lawrence Hop Commander

One of my favorite films whilst in Oregon this beer which I tried yesterday tastes like a little bit of the west coast. Nothing really changes but every second is fantastic.



Burn After Reading, Coen Brothers – Siren Broken Dream (slightly chilled)

Dry, sexy, and invigorating in it’s own dark way



Elvira Madigan, Bo Widerberg – Petrus Aged Red 

Let’s be honest I want Whiskey with this movie. But instead we shall focus on the happy moments.

Mozart, Vivaldi, Daises, Meadows, Beautiful Swedish Trapeze Artist. Let me be alone with my thoughts and my Petrus Red before it ends with a bang.



Why Change Your Wife, Cecil B Demille – Lindemans Framboise

Who doesn’t love an old movie, with some questionable humor, over the top silent film acting, and a moral. Needs to be watched with something a little more fluffy and just as old.



Festen, Tomas Vinterberg – Brooklyn Scorcher (6-pack)

(Dogma 95 film: rules for filmmaking where you can not do anything related to make-believe or filmmaking) captivating but not full of expectations until your halfway through and realize you’ve been sucking it in like water and loving every decision made in order for you to enjoy this finished product. I’ll have my fourth please.



I need to stop now or this will get to long.

All beers can be found in either our Putney or Wandsworth locations.

Keeps your eyes open for some real life movie and beer matches coming soon to the TBB . . .


Peace and Yeast,


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