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Meet the Lager

Lager is the most widely sold beer style in the world. Originally from Bavaria in Germany, the term ‘lager’ means ‘to store’ in German as the beer needs to be conditioned (stored) for several weeks or months before it is ready to drink. A beer is defined as a lager based on the yeast that is used – a different strain to that used in ales – and one that worked better in the cold temperatures where it was born. Lager yeast contributes very little flavour to the final beer which comes from the hops and malt – another key difference between lagers and ales.

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These are strong lagers at least 6% ABV but can be much higher. Another German lager style, this combines the clean taste of a lager with the full body associated with high alcohol levels. No adjuncts are allowed in this style (no added sugar or corn or rice) so the extra malt required to get the alcohol up results in a sweet hint to the beer. Historically used during Lent as a meal replacement, these beers are great with roast dinners.

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