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Meet the Lager

Lager is the most widely sold beer style in the world. Originally from Bavaria in Germany, the term ‘lager’ means ‘to store’ in German as the beer needs to be conditioned (stored) for several weeks or months before it is ready to drink. A beer is defined as a lager based on the yeast that is used – a different strain to that used in ales – and one that worked better in the cold temperatures where it was born. Lager yeast contributes very little flavour to the final beer which comes from the hops and malt – another key difference between lagers and ales.

Brilliant Beer


First brewed in 1842 in the town of Pilsen in the Czech Republic, this is a light-yellow clear beer usually 4-5% ABV. Has a clean, malty aroma with a hint of spice from the local Saaz hops and is fairly bitter to the taste. This original style is sometimes called Bohemian Pilsner, to differentiate it from a German Pilsner which was copied by northern German brewers but using their local hop varieties (usually Hallertau).

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