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Meet the Funk

Whereas most brewers take great care to keep their breweries clean, this group of beers have deliberately been exposed to bacteria and/or wild yeast. This is how beers used to be made, hundreds of years ago. The challenge for brewers is to manage the brewing process such that the end result is still tasty and drinkable. Think of these beers as the difference between milk (a pale ale) and stilton cheese (a funky, bacteria infected taste sensation - but not for everybody!)

Brilliant Beer

Berliner Weisse

Berliner Weisse is a very pale wheat beer, very dry, with a touch of acidity and no hop bitterness at all. This beer is made with the addition of lactobacillus bacteria in order to produce lactic acid in the beer. The end result is an almost champagne like beer. Often made with added fruit (or even fruit syrup!) in order to soften the acidity, these beers are fantastic summer refreshers and a great place for the non-beer lover to start their journey.

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