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Beeson on… New Zealand beer

It’s been two months now since I departed the UK for pastures new, and while I’m still keeping a close ear to the ground in terms of what is happening in the beer scene back home, I’m feeling pretty integrated with New Zealand and its thriving beer scene. The country is home to around 200 … Continued

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Beeson on… Green Hop Beers

As the summer draws to a close and colder autumn nights draw in, I often find solace in the arrival of the year’s green-hopped beers; the ultimate seasonal drink, and a celebration of drinking fresh and local.   In an age when we are constantly bombarded with information telling us how important it is that … Continued

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Beeson on… Beer and Food Matching

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, or have got me muted on twitter (a wise move, by all accounts) you’ll have no doubt seen that I recently hosted my first ever beer and food pairing event as part of Tunbridge Wells Beer Weekend. I’m pleased to report that the … Continued

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