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Hey Good Looking

We’re all paralysed these days. Hard to know what to know. Hard to know who to trust.   There’s so much choice today. So much advice. So many opinions. I pity the young. Their whole lives being played out across screens. How do you know if something really happened if it’s not on Instagram? How … Continued

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A Twist of Pure Emotion

Before the last dying breaths of 2016 are forgotten. Before the dying days of jaw-clenchingly miserable January are over. Before we can begin again our rebirth into the year, Nick, our bearded Nick reimagined, has a few words to say.

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Beers of The Year 2016

Oh my god. Not again. Mind whirling. Stomach flying solo. Body bloated, white, beached. Barnacles gripping steadfastly to the forehead. A bumpy sand-duned surf ride of excess. A season easily read on the features of the now vacant. A season now come and gone. Boy, was it fun.
But we’re not going to do it again. Never, ever again. The dry January do-gooders are out in force. It’s time to grow up. Be sensible. Hit the gym. Start to break all those promises.
But that’s not our style.

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