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Beeson on… Lagers

Most people entering the craft beer market do so as former macro-lager drinkers. Fed up of drinking bland, industrial tasting beer produced on a mass scale, they seek out and fall in love with the world of hoppy west-coast IPAs, English porters and Belgian saisons. I didn’t get into craft beer like most people. In … Continued

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World Cup beers

As football fever takes control and Harry Kane is delivering as we all hoped he would, we thought we’d take a look at our Top 5 favourite beers we have in store from other World Cup nations, starting with England’s next opponent and strong beer aficionados, Belgium.   1. Brugse Zot Blonde (Belgium) Anyone that’s been to Bruges … Continued

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Beeson on… Independence

Apropos of nothing in particular, and definitely nothing to do with today’s news about a certain North London brewer, I thought this month I would pose the question of how important it is for breweries to stay independent as part of their reputation as authentically ‘craft’, and why exactly it is that consumers care so … Continued

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