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The Beer Boutique was born out of love. When we first opened, there weren’t any specialist beer shops. It was almost impossible to get a Belgian beer in London. But boy, did we want one. So we opened our own shop in Putney and filled it with the beer that we wanted to drink.


There weren’t many customers in the early days. And not much beer either. Beavertown hadn’t started yet. The Kernel was just homebrewing. But we didn’t care. It was our haven from the world. Our place. Our home.


And it still is. Though things have changed. The UK beer scene has exploded. We have so many great breweries to choose from and so many new ones to discover. But our stores are still a place to enjoy beer. To love it.


Or to learn to love it.


We spend our days helping people to explore the endless world of beer. To find that perfect beer. And we still fill our shops with beer that we want to drink. We still love exploring the world of beer.


We have more customers these days but we’ll always have time for you. Come and visit us, have a chat, listen to some great music and try some beer. You can drink any of our beers, in any of our stores. With a friend. With a group of friends. Or just with our staff. Many of our customers are now good friends.


The Beer Boutique. Your offline social network. Your home.

Meet the team

Meet Dimitri
Favourite Beer
- Verdant Bloom -

Dimitri is the glue that holds us together. As our Operations Manager, he makes sure we have beer in our stores and the team in place to sell it. He loves his beer and is easy to distract if you want a chat about new beers. He also knows every (good) beer bar in London.

Meet John
Favourite Beer
- Omnipollo Noa -

John is Manager of our Tunbridge Wells store and easily the fastest beer lover we know (he runs marathons). Always ready to chat, he has created a calm, relaxed place for a beer down in RTW.

Meet Mon
Favourite Beer
- Pirate Life IIPA -

Monique is manager of our Wandsworth Town store, assistant manager of Putney and in charge of Events (phew, she is busy!) She has hair, she can smile (a lot) and loves coming up with great events. Despite being an Aussie, she's pretty cool.

Meet JK
Favourite Beer
- Anything Cloudwater -

Chief Beer taster and Beer Boutique leader. Likes to think that he's still on the beach (and that he still looks like this). Can usually be found wandering the streets, claiming to be searching for new sites. Loves his beer.

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All the beers we stock have The Beer Boutique seal of approval. If you know your beer, then we have the beers you love. If you don't, then come in and have a chat to one of our experts. We'll help you find the perfect beer for you.

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