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World Cup beers

Written by Jon Kaye - June 25, 2018

As football fever takes control and Harry Kane is delivering as we all hoped he would, we thought we’d take a look at our Top 5 favourite beers we have in store from other World Cup nations, starting with England’s next opponent and strong beer aficionados, Belgium.



1. Brugse Zot Blonde (Belgium)

Anyone that’s been to Bruges and has even the slightest interest in beer usually ends up on the fantastic brewery tour at the Halve Maan Brewery, followed by sinking a few Zots in the taproom afterwards. And what a beer it is! A back line of four different malts give it a distinctive big body and sweet malt backbone; the midfield of unique yeast adds notes of banana and plum; whilst two types of aroma hop provide the attack upfront. One of our top selling Belgian beers, you’d be mad not to have it in your starting eleven.




2. Augustiner Helles (Germany)

Beckenbauer; Müller; Matthäus; Klinsmann; Ballack, all huge German legends. Well here’s another for you – Augustiner. Established in 1328, Augustiner-Brau is Munich’s oldest independent brewery and the beer we have chosen is their best seller, Augustiner Helles, a 5.2% pale lager, with a lovely smooth rounded body and a subtle hop bitterness to balance the light biscuity malts. Trade in your usual football lager for this – you won’t be disappointed.




3. Mikkeller K:rlek 11 (Denmark)

We love this Pale Ale from Danish maestros Mikkeller. Hold on, do we? Just going to VAR. Yep. Confirmed.  We LOVE this beer. Murky, fruity and pillowy soft. Hold on, is it? Just going to VAR. Yes. Confirmed. Tropical, hazy goodness in a glass. This is the just like a good crisp lager. Hang on! Over to VAR…. Overruled! This is the antithesis to lager! So easy to drink make sure you pick up a couple of bottles. Or maybe three. VAR says so.



4. Omnipollo Shoutao Peach Slush IPA (Sweden)

Ah, Omnipollo, the crazy loons. They never fail to surprise and delight us with their recipes and surreal can designs. This IPA is no different. It drinks like peaches and cream, a sweet and juicy delight. A superb juicy thirst quencher with a mild hoppy bitterness in the background. Sit back and admire the bespokely beautiful can artwork whilst watching the beautiful game.




5. Stone & Wood Pacific Ale (Australia)

Ranked No. 36 in the world, 300/1 to win the World Cup and a history of weak lager that most drinkers couldn’t give a Castlemaine 4X for… you’d be forgiven for thinking that Australia has little to offer us beer fans. Well, think again as Stone & Wood’s Pacific Pale is as good a Pale Ale as you’ll try. Brewed in Byron Bay on the New South Wales coastline, this unfiltered, golden ale has a big fruity aroma from dry hopping and a crisp refreshing finish.


And remember, your local Beer Boutique offers 10% off any 12 cans or bottles, perfect for those World Cup games and get-togethers!


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